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Roulette Betting Systems

Unlike a strategy, a betting system only specifies how your stakes should be staggered per round. The game’s finesse is left entirely to luck. The task of a betting system is only to protect your bankroll as much as possible.

The two most popular betting systems are:

  • The Martingale system: After losing a bet, you double your bet until you win again. If you win, you keep the basic stake and start again.
  • The Paroli system: After each win, stake and win remain on the table.

Many other betting systems are sold as a roulette strategy. They can be very useful if you don’t want to enter the game headless and completely without control. However, they are only an illusion because the systems cannot influence gains or losses in roulette.

Markov system

The Markov system is a system that works with the so-called “Markov chains.” The Russian mathematician Andrei Andrejewitsch Markow developed these chains. With his work, he made important contributions to probability theory and analysis. The Markov chain originated from his work with letter strings in Russian literature, and the model he developed is still used today for speech recognition software and handwriting software.

Above all, Markov’s statement that “future developments can be determined based on current knowledge” has enticed players to use the Markov chain for gambling.

The Markov chains

The players imagine a chain of numbers – and in roulette the right chain of numbers looks like this:

0 – 32 – 15 – 19 – 4 – 21 – 2 – 25 – 17 – 34 – 6 – 27 – 13 – 36 – 11 – 30 – 8 – 23 – 10 – 5 – 24 – 16 – 33 – 1 – 20 – 14 – 31 – 9 – 22 – 18 – 29 – 7 – 28 – 12 – 35 – 3 – 26

The player is now trying to pay attention to signal numbers. These are numbers that indicate to him that he is in an unmixed part of the number chain. Many players are satisfied with two signal numbers; others wait for three numbers.

If a player remembers two numbers and if, for example, the 34 and the 36 fell, the numbers 6 – 27 – 13 would be interesting for the player playing after Markov, because they lie exactly between the two numbers. Assuming that Markov is right and many numbers continue to keep their order even after mixing, these three numbers would be the numbers the player should now bet on.

Important: The signal is not set until the signal numbers have not fallen. A bet is made only when the player thinks he has recognized a coherent sequence of numbers. And that to the numbers in between according to the above sequence of numbers.

Slot Machines: Choose simple games

No matter how interesting a slot machine with an exciting topic and five reels looks, winning is much lower than with a slot with three reels. At first glance, five reels look more attractive and may offer higher payouts, but it is more difficult to achieve them. If you are faced with two games, you should choose the one with fewer reels.

Compare RTP

Every slot machine has a built-in RTP, the so-called return-to-player, which usually ranges between 93% -98%. The higher the percentage, the higher the chance of winning. If you play theoretically € 100 in the slot, you will get around € 98 in profit if the RTP is 98%. So you should look for a slot machine that has a high RTP.

Check pay table

To avoid confusion during the game, you should analyze the pay table before the first spin. It shows how low the payouts for smaller symbols are, how high the bonus probabilities are and what you need.

Remain faithful to the commitment

No matter how good money management looks, you can also take care of yourself and give in to the lucky streak. However, it is extremely important to keep to the commitment that you have made yourself. Otherwise, if you win, you will increase the bet and spend inertly less spins much more money than planned. The game time is also reduced because you no longer have any funds in your account.

Play high stakes jackpot

If you have placed your bet on a low amount, you should not adjust it as just said. However, if you play in a jackpot slot machine, it is often advantageous to adjust it. Because the higher the stake, the higher the jackpot will be if you hit it!

Don’t gamble

If you have made a profit, you should not immediately gamble it away for an even higher profit but put it aside – otherwise, you spend more than your limit. Of course, you can continue to play, but only until you have reached the set limit. If you put the winnings on the side, you will also have more fun playing at the casino, because you can also pay something out of it.

Slot Tricks: Use Or Not?

It is up to you whether you learn these slot machine tricks or not, but you should be careful not to indulge in the temptations of manipulation. If you plan your game in the online casino from A to Z exactly and set limits and rules that you follow meticulously, that’s half the battle.…